Uillean Piping Week-end

As part of the Uillean Piping week-end 25th – 27th September, on Friday 25th there is a talk in the Boat Club at 7.30 for 8pm by Martin Dowling from the School of Music at Queen’s, ‘The Gaelic League, the Feis Ceoil and the Pipers’ – £2.00. Also there will be a display in Danny … Read more


This article first appeared in Volume 4 of The Glynns in 1976.  It is presented here with additional photographs and hyperlinks.   The Campbeltown Port Customs Records consist of outgoing letters from the Collector of Customs at the port to the Board of Customs at Edinburgh, together with further volumes of incoming directives and enquiries from … Read more

HURLING IN ANTRIM by Seamus Clarke

This article first appeared in Volume 3 of The Glynns in 1975.  It is presented here with additional photographs and hyperlinks. “I wandered down by Legge Green”, wrote contributor `Lurigedan’ in the pages of  ‘The Glensman’, some forty years ago. “It is peopled by wraiths and all armed with shinneys”. The changing shape of the … Read more


    The Society is indebted to Mr. P. M Bottomly, research assistant at the Public Record Office, Northern Ireland, for the following introductory note on the initial stages of the Ordnance Survey in Ireland.  “In 1824 a Royal Commission, which had investigated problems of land valuation in Ireland, recommended that the entire island should … Read more

QUILTING By Mrs. Rose Emerson

(This article first appeared in 1975 in Volume 3 of The Glynns.  It is presented here with additional photographs and hyperlinks; also offered is the poem“The Quilting” by native Glens Poet Siobhan ni Luain) Glens Feis, Waterfoot, Glenariffe. My mind goes back seventy years to 1904 and the first Feis in the Glens.One wonders about … Read more

Statistical Account of Ardclinis and Laid by The Rev. Richard Stewart Dobbs, Curate

(This article first appeared in Volume 2 of The Glynns in 1974; it is presented here with added photographs and hyperlinks)   Having previously published the Ordnance Survey Memoirs for both the above parishes, the Society now presents a reprint of a survey made in 1817, some fifteen years by their curate.  The survey is … Read more

WW1 Drama ‘Gem’: A play inspired by the events of December 25th 1914. Sunday 23rd Nov. Cushendall Golf Club at 7.00pm. All Welcome.

Lurig Drama Group Presents: A historical drama based on the true events of Christmas Night 1914, when the SS Gem was sunk off Scarborough head, killing all but two of her crew.  The Captain and majority of the crew came from Cushendall, Carnlough and Glenarm in The Glens of Antrim. In association with The Living … Read more


  “This ends the Broth Shop. God save the King. And we pray the like calamitous time never again to see.”   Thus closed the financial accounts of the Glenarm Broth Shop on 28th August, 1817. The poignant supplication however, was not granted: exactly thirty years later Ireland was again in the grip of famine, … Read more