THE IRON MINES OF GLENRAVEL Kevin O’Hagan. History of 19th century attempts to mine iron ore in the area, first by James Fisher in 1868. Credit to local priest W J Macauley a keen amateur geologist.  Fisherstown  (now Cargan ) described as a boom town with nightly brawls and drunkenness! Discovery of bauxite, installation of narrow gauge railway..Skerry mines. Contemporary portrait of James Fisher
MULL OF KINTYRE. THE HARD WAY Wallace Clark Account of a sail in a small boat from Cushendun to Kintyre; landmarks, tides etc. Photograph of author’s boat
AN OLD BALLYCASTLE ACCOUNT BOOK Hugh Alexander Boyd. From Biggar’s extracts from an old account book; trade and commerce in the area in 18th century  
A NOBLE PRETENSION Hon. Hector Macdonnell. Genealogical account of one branch of the Macdonnells and their possible connection with the Earl of Limerick. With family tree from Sorley Boy to the 17th century.  
THE ARDCLINIS OR GLENARM CROZIER Anne Mageean. History of the crozier, a description, the family that held it, possible connection to St.Canice. Photograph of crozier.
THE SULPHATE OF AMMONIA CO. LTD. CARNLOUGH Linda McNeill. History of the industry in the early 1900s. Extraction of ammonia from peat; construction of aerial railway; working conditions and pay; close of production in 1908. Photograph of the Chemical Works Drumaho Carnlough
PLACE NAMES IN THE PARISH OF LAYD Cahal Dallat. Format as before : English – Irish – translations.  


Helen McAlister. History of the Hospital from 1885 to the present day. ( 1980 – since closed down )  
JOHN LANKTREE Jimmy Irvine. The Marchioness of Londonderry’s agent in Carnlough from 1843 to 1850. Interesting account of unpaid rents and tenant agitation. Contemporary portrait of Lanktree
A SONG OF THE RAMOAN PEASANTRY IN THE MEADOWS ON MAY EVE Rev George Hill.            Pleasant old fashioned ballad.  
ORDNANCE SURVEY MEMOIRS FOR THE PARISH OF DUNAGHY AND GRANGE OF DUNDERMOT     Map of the area, and drawing of the ruins of Oldstone Castle








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