‘Mythconceptions in Irish History’ Friday 24th April 2015

This months talk is not the talk previously advertised.  Instead the subject of the Glens of Antrim Historical Society in St Mary’s Parish Centre, Cushendall on Friday 24th April at 8.30pm is ‘Mythconceptions in Irish History’.  It takes the form of a light-hearted, yet challenging, illustrated talk looking at some of the myths, legends, misconceptions, ironies and anomalies associated with Irish History.  On this day-the 99th anniversary of the Easter Rising- the speaker will examine the prevalence of Nationalist and Unionist myths and how they are perpetuated by ballads, songs, pictures, stories heard in childhood, commemorative ceremonies and heroic deeds and places associated with them.  He will defend the proposition that flag-waving thrives because it saves politicians thinking up serious policies and that we live in a society that frequently finds myth more congenial than reality.

The lecture will be delivered by Frank Rogers, formerly Head of History in the Convent Grammar School, Enniskillen, and currently Chairman of The Glens of Antrim Historical Society and editor of their annual journal, The Glynns.  Everyone is welcome to attend this talk, non members adm £3.

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