The Land League in North Antrim 1880–1882 by JRB McMinn

This article first appeared in The Glynns Volume 11 (1983).  It is reproduced here in full. The general election of 1880 resulted in the formation of William Ewart Gladstone’s second Liberal administration. In Ireland the new government was immediately confronted with an extremely serious situation requiring remedial action. The continuing agricultural depression, which had begun … Read more

Dean William Henry’s Topographical Description of the Coast of County Antrim and North Down

This article originally appeared in “The Glynns” Volume 2 (1974) CO. ANTRIM The County Town: Carrickergus Towns: Belfast, Antrim, Ballymenagh, Lisburn, Ballimoney, Ballycastle, Randalstown1, Larne. Fair Head Point: In describing this county I shall begin with the Fair Head Point in the north-east most remote part of Ireland, situated in the barony of Cary, which … Read more

Richard Dobbs 1634 – 1701. Author of: “A Brief Description of Co. Antrim.”

IntroductionAs 1983 marks the tercentenary of Richard Dobbs’ now famous work, ‘A brief description of County Antrim’, it is perhaps fitting that this edition of The Glynns should salute the memory of the man Richard Dobbs.When in the spring of 1683, Richard Dobbs undertook the task of conducting the survey and reporting his findings to … Read more


In the early days, the townland of Drumnasole belonged to the Donaldsons. They were one of the wealthier and more influential families in the Glenarm district during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Being Kinsmen of the Macdonnells of Antrim they were treated liberally with grants of land. The earliest such lease, dated 16th October 1626, … Read more

The Granges of County Antrim

The civil distribution of Ireland, in descending scale, is into its provinces, counties, baronies, parishes (including granges) and townlands. But this highly convenient distribution of the surface of the country in neither characterised neither by unity of design nor chronological order in its development. The four provinces represent a very ancient native partition which by … Read more

Place names in the Parish of Tickmacrevan

The parish of Tickmacrevan is really a union of parishes of Tickmacrevan and Templeoughter and is entirely situated in the Barony of Lower Glenarm; it contains forty-seven townlands. It is bounded on the north by the parish of Ardclinis, on the north-east by the sea, on the east by a portion of the parish of … Read more