JAMES MACDONNELL,MD (1763-1845) by Peter Froggatt

This article first appeared in The Glynns Volume 9 (1981).  It is re-produced here with additional photographs and hyperlinks. INTRODUCTION James MacDonnell, the “father of Belfast medicine”, was a polymath, kin to the Earls of Antrim. Co-founder of the Belfast Dispensary and Fever Hospital (in 1792), the direct ancestor of the Royal Victoria Hospital; first … Read more


This article previously appeared in The Glynns Volume 9 (1981).  It is re presented here with additional hyperlinks and photographs. The barony takes its name from the Cahir Righ, traditionally the summer court or seat of Connor, King of Ulster in the first century of the Christian era. The Cahir Righ was situated in the … Read more

My father was at the Battle of the Somme. Wartime Memories: An excerpt from The Glens of Antrim Historical Society’s Oral History Project.

THE FIRST WORLD WAR: My father was at the Battle of the Somme and came through it. He wasn’t really 18 but he let on he was 18. He was a few weeks off it. He was a shoemaker, he cobbled. My mother was 25 when she got married. My father was the same age, … Read more


The Society wishes to thank the Officers of the Royal Irish Academy for kindly permitting the publication of these Memoirs, and the Staff of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland for its assistance in transcribing the text. There are three memoirs for this parish as for those already published. The first is by Lieutenant … Read more

PRESBYTERIANISM IN GLENARM by S. Alex Blair : This article first appeared in Vol. 9 of The Glynns (1981) and is presented here with additional photographs and hyperlinks.

(Being a resume of part of a lecture on “Presbyterianism in the Glens” given by the author to the Glens of Antrim Historical Society in Cushendall on Friday, 19th September, 1980.  S. Alex. Blair )     Presbyterianism came to Ireland from Scotland, brought by the Planters of the early seventeenth century. Because of its … Read more

THE LINT-PULLING DANCE by Cahal DaIlat with additional comments by Pat Mc Cambridge

This article first appeared in 1978, in Volume 6 of The Glynns. It is reproduced here with additional photographs. Further commentary is provided by Pat McCambridge (Cushendall) in an interview he gave to the Glens of Antrim Historical Society as part of the recent Oral History Project. (The interview in full is transcribed and stored … Read more

Day Trip to Enniskillen Friday 20th May 2016

The society are planning a trip to the historic town of Enniskillen on Friday 20th May 2016.  The tour will include a boat journey and guided tour of Devenish Island, a tour by water of the island town, lunch in the Killyhevlin Hotel overlooking the River Erne, a visit to Castlecoole-the finest Palladian mansion in … Read more

‘Easter Manoeuvres- A Call to Arms’ Fri 22nd April at 8.30

The monthly talk will take place in St Mary’s Parish Centre, Cushendall at 8.30pm. The talk will cover the build up to the Rising, taking into account all the groups and characters involved, the polital machinations that paved the way for a rebellion, how it progressed and the aftermath. Sean Collins is a graduate of … Read more