Protestant Householders – Parish of Culfeightrin 1740

In the middle years of the 18th century 1740-1766 the Irish Parliament called for religious returns.

The 1740 Return is solely Protestant householders:
Ring Hanna, Dan McBride, Joh McBride, Wid Sharp, Thos Sharp, John Fullerton, Jas Robison, Wid McNeal, Joh Moor, Wid Colmann, ffield Way, Wid McNeal, Hu McCormick, Arch McDonal, Wid McDonal, Wid Teale, Joh Whitefore, Alex McDonal, Don McDonal, Don McDonal, Denniss McLane, Arch Cammell, Joh Cammell, Pat McMullan, Ric McGalleye.
P.R.O.N.I. T. 808/15258 (84).

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