Sources used in the study

In order to find out about a clachan and the people who lived in it in the past we used the following sources.

Field Work

A survey was carried out of each of the nine glens and Rathlin in order to identify clusters of buildings which might be clachans. Buildings and/or ruins within the site were photographed, a sketch map of the site was made and basic information on the state of the site today was recorded.

Local People

For information on the more recent past we relied heavily on residents of existing clachans or people who knew about particular clachans. Some were able to provide us with old photographs. We would like to extend our thanks to all of these people, too numerous to mention by name, who were so generous with their time. Without their assistance much of the information relating to families would not have been appeared.

Historical Sources

In order to find out who was living in each clachan in the past we used two main sources:

  • Valuation records dating from the 1860s.
  • The 1901 Census Enumerators’ Returns.

The valuation records, popularly known as the Griffith’s Printed Valuation, are a complete record of all the occupiers of houses and land in each townland in Ireland around 1860. Details are also given of farm size in acres, roods and perches. The location of the houses and farms are shown on accompanying six inch maps.

From 1864 onwards the Griffith’s Valuation was revised periodically. The names of new occupiers of houses and lands and the date when the changes took place were recorded in revision books by valuers who visited townlands on a regular basis.

If you want to find out more about the Griffith’s Valuation and the revisions go to the PRONI web site.

Unlike the valuation records which only list the names of the heads of households, the 1901 Census Enumerators’ Returns list all persons present in each house within a townland on the 31st March 1901. Details given include full name, age, marital status, occupation, etc.

For more information on the 1901 Census Enumerators’ Returns go to the PRONI web site.

Using both the valuation records and the 1901 Returns, it was possible to get a picture of changes in families within a clachan during the period 1860 to the early 1900s. In some cases, where Church and Civil Records of marriages, births/baptisms and deaths/burials could be found, it was possible to piece together more detailed information on some families.

For those families living around Knocknacarry near Cushendun we were able to use the register of householders (1881) kept by the Royal Irish Constabulary for that area. It contains information on not only the head of the household but also members of the family. Their age is given but we suspect that in many cases it is very inaccurate. However, helpful comments such as ‘gone to America’ can be included.

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