Sorley Boy McDonnell’s difficulties after the Battle of Glentaisie by Cathal Dallat

This article originally appeared in The Glynns Volume 30 (2002). It is reproduced here in full. After the defeat of the McDonnells of Antrim by Shane O’Neill in 1565, Sorley Boy McDonnell was taken to Dungannon where he was imprisoned for two years. By this time O’Neill had created many enemies including the Maguires of … Read more

The Glassmullan McDonnells, a forgotten Branch of the Antrim McDonnells

Many years ago in the schoolyard I was called “Auld Valdi”. While nicknames were very common in the middle glens I was extremely hurt, as it sounded so different from The David Jacks, Sarah Archies and so many others. I thought it must mean something sinister. On enquiring at home I was told in a … Read more