SEASONAL CUSTOMS The Journal of Ulster Local Studies, Vol. 10, No. 2: Winter 1988: Federation for Ulster Local Studies. Price £2.50.

  This book brings together for the first time in one volume excellent articles on our various Ulster customs which are repeated with the seasons each year. The contributors, who are all experts in their own field, include such well-known names as Linda M. Ballard, Professor Ronnie Buchanan, Cahal Dallat, Vivian Pollock and Paddy Tunney. … Read more

BOOK REVIEW: Burns, Cecil: PAUPER TO PATIENT: A History of the Route Hospital, Ballymoney, 1840—1987 Impact Printing, Coleraine and Ballycastle.

  The inspiration for this book came from a paper entitled “The History of the Route Hospital” delivered by Dr. C. Burns to the Viking Surgeons’ Club in September 1987. It soon became obvious that it was impossible to do justice to such an important subject during the course of a lecture lasting only one … Read more


  Colm J. Donnelly:- Hugh McKisick (1872—1946), native of Ballinlea, lived with his brother William (1871—1935) on a small farm. Those who remember him describe him as a man of large stature, with a keen wit, who was always prepared to see the humorous side of any situation. Neither he nor his brother married, and … Read more

A WEALTH OF MATERIAL IN NEW GLENS BOOK Reprinted with permission from The Coleraine Chronicle 16th December 1988

  Tales of old Ballycastle, North Antrim and the Glens have been recorded for posterity by the combined forces of modern and yesteryear local historians. The Glens of Antrim Historical Society launched their latest publication on Monday — ‘McCahan’s Local Histories’ — at the Antrim Arms Hotel in Ballycastle. It’s the first hard-back version of … Read more

‘BINKS’ by Jack McCann

  The boy backed away from his ma’s voice. ‘D’ye think money grows on bushes?’ it shrilled at him from the scullery as he dodged through the kitchen to the front porch: and it went on and on about his da being on the dole and about ‘nobody caring where the next shilling’… Shutting the … Read more

BOOK REVIEWS The Glynns Vol. 15 (1987)

  Ordnance Survey Memoirs for the parish of Coleraine (County Londonderry). Published by Coleraine Historical Society in association with the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. 1986 Hardback £7.95 Paperback £5.00 The great project of mapping Ireland on a scale of six inches to the mile involved a total of 1906 maps, yet the team … Read more