The Glynns 2018 – Vol 46




Journey In Search Of The Picturesque To The
Antrim Coast, Undertaken By Alexander Williams, RHA (1846-1930)
Gordon Ledbetter

Thomas D’Arcy McGee – Politician, Writer And Poet – ‘A Journey From The Glens To Being The Father Of The Canadian Confederation’
Dr David Getty

Memories Of McFetridges’ Dance Hall, Castle Green
Leonard Quigg

Junior Section – Lauren O’Boyle, Hannah
McAuley, Aine Dowdall, Brendan Ramsey

A Glens Shop – One Hundred And Fifty Years Ago
Dominic O’Loan

Clifton House: From The Belfast Hills To The Glens Of Antrim
Aaron D McIntyre

Merchant Sailors From Glenaan To Glenarm Lost In The Great War
Iain Bradley