The Glynns 2010 – Volume 38



‘An Artist Apart – A Portrait of Charles McAuley’ Desima Connolly

‘Photographing the Present for Future Generations’ Niall McCaughan

‘Muskets on the Sabbath: Lessons from Local History’, Dr David Hume

‘William Arthur (1819-1901): Son of Glendun?’ Dr Eull Dunlop

‘Sparables and Two-scoop Caps, Memories of Tessie O’Neill

(née McIlhatton) 1914 – 1930s’, Helen McAlister

‘The Glenarm Saltworks’, Charles Ludlow

‘One Man and his Dog’

‘Daily Life in the Ballycastle Workhouse’, Deirdre Roberts

‘Clough United Irishman Executed in Australia’, Harry Hume

‘Scawt Hill’, Felix McKillop

‘Lurigeadan – “The Ridge of the Face, or Brow”’, Dominic O’Loan

‘Knocklayd’, Eileen McAuley

‘Tievebulliagh’, Dominic O’Loan

‘Set in Stone – Part two’, Danny Morgan

‘Historical Discoveries in Ballycastle’, Daniel J McGill, BSc

‘The Sleans Church’, Very Revd Dr AW Godfrey Brown

‘How “Ben Wellerorie” became “Agnew’s Hill”’, Paul Tempan