Archaeological Excavations In The Glens of Antrim: Past, Present & Future Cormac McSparron. QUB

The following slide show was presented by Cormac McSparron,Fieldwork director at The Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork QUB, to the society on Friday 22nd May in St. Mary’s Parish Centre Cushendall. It is reproduced here by kind permission of Cormac for which the society is most grateful.                   … Read more

“Archaeological Digs in The Glens Of Antrim: Past, Present and Future”

    Archaeological Digs in the Glens of Antrim: Past, Present and Future This illustrated talk featuring ‘Castle Carra’ will take place on Friday 22nd May at 8.30pm in St Mary’s Parish Centre, Cushendall.  Admission is free to members and non members are most welcome to attend(admission £3).   This lecture will summarise the main … Read more

Forthcoming Lecture. Friday February 20th 2015 at 8.30pm in Cushendall Parish Centre: “Was JFK a ‘great’ American President ?”

Felix.M.Larkin will discuss the legacy of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and will reflect on JFK’s contribution to U.S national and international affairs at the height of what history now calls ‘The Cold War’.Felix M. Larkin is the academic director of the Parnell Summer School. A graduate of University College Dublin, he is a retired public servant … Read more

Lecture 23rd January 2015 ‘Merchant sailors from Glenaan to Glenarm lost in The Great war’

The lecture at the Glens of Antrim Historical Society’s monthly meeting at 8.30 pm on Friday 23 January 2015, in St Mary’s Parish Hall, Cushendall, is by Glenarm man, Iain Bradley, vice-Chairman of the Society. It is a reflection on an aspect of the Great War. The sailors of the merchant fleet from the Glens … Read more

November Lecture Friday 21st: Remembering Richard Hayward: An evening of music, story and film.

Hayward with bike in “The Luck of The Irish” (1935) Richard Hayward (1892-1964) was one of Ireland’s leading cultural figures from the middle years of the twentieth century. On the 50th anniversary of his death, the journalist and author Paul Clements looks back on his life and times, and at his connection to the Glens … Read more

Ballintoy’s Hidden History

    On Saturday 2 February 2013 the society launched ‘ Ballintoy’s Hidden History’ funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund’s All Our Stories programme to explore and tell the story of three less well-known sites in the Ballintoy area, namely Templastragh Church, Ballintoy Castle and an eighteenth-century school at White Park Bay.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               … Read more