This glen runs south to north from Glenann merging into Glendun. It lies between Gruig Top to the north and Cross Slieve to the south. Two roads run through it: the main road from Cushendall to Cushendun or Ballycastle, the Tromra Road, and the ‘High Road’ or the ‘Middle Road’ now called the Ballybrack Rd. The ‘High Road’ was the main road before the present lower route was constructed in the 1830s as part of the new Coast Road. Lanes or ‘loanins’ connected the dwellings on the braes of Gruig Top with this road. Some of these ‘loanins’ still exist and traces of the rest can still be seen in the landscape today. No one now lives on the high braes, the houses are lower down. There are about 30 families currently residing in this glen.
A survey of Glencorp identified three clachans –Tromra (1), Drumnasmear (2), and Carnasheeran/Drumnacur (3).


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